Roulette Media News on Splink

It seems as though Amazing radio have been loving the album especially Four 7, though not on the main playlist they have played the track several times at prominent moments such as exit from the show (Last track) like saving a sausage until the end of the meal to have the best last! well that's what we like to thing, though all the other acts make up a tasty aural treat as well.  

Thank's Roulette Media for drawing their attention to us and thanks to Amazing radio for the air play.

Zapesque first public play out

13th July 2017 was the first public airplay of the track Zapesque from the forthcoming album entitled 'Free' by Splink.

you can here the show if you go to Deal Radio Mixcloud using the link below, there is also information on there about the Chuff Fest 2017 where Splink will be playing the whole album plus some new material. 

In addition we are offering a free download of one of the tracks off the album for a limited time

We also have news of another gig in Canterbury at Bramleys coming up very soon so please check back.


If you have been wondering whats happening, Splink are going through a few changes, we have not disappeared, we are just having a spring clean ready for the future.

We will, over the coming months, have video's - live announcements - music and so on, so even though at this time the cupboard is looking bare we are going to stack the shelves and fill it back up again so watch this space.


New collaboration 'Ian Cutler'

Ian Cutler rehearsing with Splink 

Ian Cutler rehearsing with Splink 

Yes we know it's been a while, there are only so many hours in the day...

Splink are pleased to announce that we are in collaboration with the amazing Violinist Ian Cutler.

Ian Cutler is one of the foremost fiddle players in the UK Starting his career at the age of 7 years , he has been playing for more years than he cares to mention.

First performing in the iconic cult film "The Wicker Man" and then going on to play with " Bully Wee". He now plays with numerous gatherings including "Feast of Fiddles", the now reformed "Bully Wee Band" , "Hot Rats" and with Dave Cousins of the Strawbs as a duo and also with the "Blue Angel Orchestra".

(Above information from

At this time we are just pleased to have Ian working with us with a view to play dates in the future if time permits, Ian has a heavy schedule playing over 200 gigs a year but he heard us and loved what we do and so we are working together to see if he can make it to 200 and 'some' gigs.


Splink update

Splink has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, sometimes life has to take priority, but we’re back on the musical highway now and fired up. In fact the break seems to have kicked a renewed direction into the band. Last week’s rehearsal resulted in the refining of our core set and the addition of some new tracks for the set, a reworking of a Splink classic (Splinket – the reggae based song which gave the band its name), the new Mediterranean style song Meze was given a bit of a workout to knock into shape and the funk/blues mashup Game of Life was hashed out with both Matt and Steve taking care of business of the vocal side of thing … we discovered something that day, their voices blend rather well!

So all is looking good on the rehearsals and new songs side and we’re really looking forward to getting these new songs in the set and trying them out with a live audience … because as everyone knows, a song isn’t alive until it’s been gigged!

Things are also moving forwards on the gig side … we’re confirmed as one of the bands opening the Maidstone April music festival with a nice little gig at Earls in Maidstone on the 14th April, we’ve been invited back to headline at the Crash of the Moons club, held in the incredibly atmospheric venue of ‘Bramleys’ in Canterbury (and if you want to know how atmospheric Bramleys is … our website main homepage photo was taken there). On top of that we have other gigs lining up as well as some interesting new contacts and venues … so watch this space … more news will follow!