Even more new music!

Some of you may understand the 'Electric storm' connection.

Some of you may understand the 'Electric storm' connection.

Rehearsals at Splink HQ just seem to get better and better every time.

On Sunday morning while the rest of the world was either recovering from Saturday night or enjoying coffee & croissants in bed with a loved one, Splink were loading their equipment into cars and vans and driving to a secret industrial unit somewhere in the depths of the Kent countryside … Splink HQ.

Once there, amps, drums, keyboards and guitars and a whole host of miscellaneous equipment was hauled up the thin metal staircase and into our rehearsal space where we quickly assembled ourselves into something resembling a band.

Fresh from buying a new acoustic guitar and a batch of miscellaneous studio gear Matt had brought in an idea, the first thing he played upon picking up the new instrument. We loved it, a Spanish, no a Latin, no a Middle Eastern idea, no a jazz idea, well maybe a bit of all of those things!  … as usual, a blending of influences that make up what we do! … it became something we’re calling “Meze” (because like a Meze it’s has a Mediterranean flavour and is a taster of lots of different things … oh and we seem to like naming our songs after foods!)

It took a few hours to find the right feel for the song, but it soon came together, leaving just a bit of time to run through another new song “Game of Life” which unusually for us features full vocals courtesy of Matt (yes vocals!) and is a track which starts off with a funky Motown feel before sliding gracefully into the blues!

So that was Sunday … a great fun rehearsal, a variety of musical styles, but all of it Splink!

Matt Evans

I am a photographer based in the south east of the UK but work countrywide and overseas shooting everything from weddings to portraits, from commercial photography to product photography. photography is a passion that can only be driven by enthusiasm. I love my work and the places and people it introduces me to.